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Why Advertise with

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Why Advertise with KOOL 96.7 FM & 910 AM, WGTO? 

Why Advertise Your Business? 


Advertising creates store traffic.

Advertising attracts new customers.

Advertising boosts and maintains morale.

Advertising is an investment in success.

Advertising encourages repeat business.

Advertising generates continuous business.

Advertising keeps your business top-of-mind.

Advertising keeps you in the competitive race.

Advertising gives your business a successful image.

Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers.

Reasons to Advertise on Radio

Radio is an active medium

Radio is an active medium in an active society. You're able to reach people in all facets of their daily lives. In the car, at work, and at play, radio is wherever they are.

Radio sells with intimacy

Radio enables you to talk one-to-one; similar to a personal conversation. Radio creates an association in a person's mind making the information relevant.

Radio is targetable so you're able to reach specific geographical areas and demographics.

Radio allows repetition

Radio is able to repeatedly tell your story. Information is retained and acted upon quicker with repetition and so will your message.

Radio creates an image

Radio will create your image and help you brand your business. It will make you as large or small as you want to be.

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Why Kool 96.7fm/910am - WGTO?


Kool 96.7fm/910am delivers reach.

Kool 96.7fm/910am is the eyes, ears, and voice of Cass, Berrien, St. Joseph (Mich), Van Buren, and Elkhart (Ind) Counties, which gives you a huge platform to deliver your message.

Kool 96.7fm/910am promotions

Kool 96.7fm/910am provides unique promotions. Promotions are executed by design involving the listeners and getting them involved. It's a natural way to connect listeners with businesses directly.

Kool 96.7fm/910am has a personal-trusting relationship with consumers

Kool 96.7fm/9q0am is able to loan your business the relationship cultivated throughout the years with the listening public. We're able to make introductions, create a special bond and trust for you with your prospective new customers.

Kool 96.7fm/910am delivers information

Kool 96.7fm/910am provides local information which is relevant to our every day lives. Because consumers are listening directly for information, they're more likely to listen to your message.

Kool 96.7fm/910am talks to  Cass, Berrien, St. Joseph (Mich), Van Buren, and Elkhart (Ind) Counties

Kool 96.7fm/910am is heard throughout Cass, Berrien, St. Joseph (Mich), Van Buren, and Elkhart (Ind) Counties reaching the people most likely to shop in your area for products and services. Plus, you're reaching a population who has the highest median income and can afford your products or services.

When to Run Advertising

 To achieve Top of the Mind Awareness, consistent advertising is the key. Stick in the minds of consumers at all stages of the buying cycle.



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